Spring 2021 Schedule

Spring 2021 schedule

American Politics, Public Law and Interdisciplinary Courses
POLS 107  The Politics of the Environment
POLS 109  Introduction to Public Policy
POLS 110  Environmental Planning for Healthy Cities
POLS 307  The Politics of Mental Health Policy
POLS 320  Food Justice in Urban Environments
POLS 323  The Politics of Inequality
POLS 329  Propaganda, Media and American Politics
POLS 352  Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
POLS 354  U.S. Healthcare Politics
POLS 368  Political Economy
POLS 396  Politics of Public Education

Political Theory and Comparative Politics courses
POLS 106  Environmental Values and Ethics
POLS 195  The Politics of Ending Poverty
POLS 321  Research in Political Science
POLS 323  Politics of the European Union
POLS 350  Religion and Politics in Comparative Perspective
POLS 355  Environmental Justice: From Theory to Practice
POLS 395  The Women’s Movement in China